The PHAT Stamp!

I will get right to it; this is going to be a blog for crafters who are nifty, whimsical, want to save money/time, and think that spending an entire day on a craft that may or may not be as good as something you could have just bought is an absolute ridiculous idea.

But ideas that are clever, quick, hardly require clean-up and boy are they unique–THESE are the crafts and DIY’s that I want to showcase here. These get the PHAT stamp of approval.

Created by the minds of my children when I cooked a good dinner that was cheap and didn’t take forever, they tagged the dinner with a nickname that we had been using for a few years and a pretend motion of “stamping” their empty dinner plate. We were, afterall, “The PHAT 5”. My husband Chris, three kids; Landon-7, Lyla-3, Speed-4 (Crested gecko), and me, mom–Tabatha.

I like the no-nonsense DIY stuff. No fluff added. I have come to a point in my life where I have realized how much more valuable time is than money. However, as a very unhappy retail pharmacist who just decided to give up a very well paying retail position for a not-so-well paying (cough cough I lost about half my salary) for a stay at home position, I want cheap and time saving and I will not settle for less.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I am really enjoying being at home and completely changing the direction of my life. Don’t ever forget how precious time is. Create your own PHAT stamp of approval and lay that ish on errthang. (yea, errthing just autocorrected to errthang, wow)


Tabatha Phat

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