The Eyeball wreath that keeps on giving!

Step 1: Find a real wreath and disassemble it.

Step 2: Put the decor away in a bag for use later unless it has some leaves or grapes you can use to make eyeballs.

My wreath was extremely old and falling apart. The pieces I used for my handmade eyeballs were plastic red berries. I just sprayed them white and hot glued 2d eyeballs all over them. Some of them I pulled apart and added separately onto the wreath and some of them I kept together as shown in the picture below. In addition to the eyeballs I made, I also bought a couple of bags of hollow plastic eyeballs from the Dollar Tree. These come in orange, blue, red and green.

Step 3: Hot glue everything to some creepy cloth so that you can easy unwrap the creepy cloth when Halloween is over and decorate your wreath for Thanksgiving. You can get all the supplies you need for this PHAT craft from Walmart or The Dollar Tree. Sometimes you can find Dollar Tree items for 97 cents at Walmart. Just sayin.

Creepy Cloth Options–>

Stay PHAT!

Happy Halloween!!

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